Goodbye Summer, Hello Rainy Days


Yes, summer time is officially over. The fun, outdoor stuff may have come to an end. But looking at the bright side, that also means a break from expenses such as high electric bills, dine outs, and shopping spree with the kids. However, you can still make HOME a most enjoyable and relaxing place to be for the entire family.

It’s high time you try and follow these 3 Rs:

  • Re-paint. Yep, as cliché as it may sound, this is still the best and least expensive way for a house make-over. You do not have to do the entire house. You can start with your most favorite room or the area where you and your family spend most of the time in. Builder’s Choice’s Semi Gloss Latex ES Brookside Blue offers a clean, fresh look, as it brings the outdoors feel inside. If you are after the classy, elegant interiors, Builder’s Choice’s Semi Gloss Latex ES Bridal White will help your space look larger and brighter. Do not be afraid to experiment with colors and do two to three tone combinations. It’s just paint. You can always change it as you wish.
  • Re-arrange. Move things around and you’re in for a surprise. You will find long lost stuff. You will realize that your room is a lot bigger than it looks. And if you are a believer of Feng Shui, you can arrange your furniture in such a way that it will attract positive energy, bringing in good fortune to your household.
  • Re-decorate. Sometimes less is more. And it also means less items to clean. Or perhaps dedicate a specific area in your house to serve specific purposes such as prayer room, office or work station, game room, or mini library. This way, you can decorate the room based on what it is intended for. You might also want to try using Builder’s Choice’s Magic Paint and provide a creative space for you and the kids.

With the now cooler weather, doing these things should be easier. And with Christmas season soon on its way, you might as well work on it. The benefit you get out of it in the end will be worth all the sweat. For sure, it will be a Home Sweet Home.


Why re-paint this Summer


Summer is back and suddenly, there are so many things that you would like to finish within the next 3 months. It’s as if you can only do them during this time of the year.

There are actually 2 major things that most of us would like to do during this season: go on a grand vacation and do a house make-over.

Let me focus on the house make-over. And when I say “make-over”, it means everything that needs a major fix—from plumbing, cleaning, re-arranging, re-modeling, and of course, re-painting. Aside from the obvious reason that summer-time provides the ideal weather scenario to accomplish the said tasks, it is also the perfect opportunity to keep everyone else busy. Yup, those kids might come in handy at this point. The more hands you got, the quicker you get things done. Plus, take it as a chance to bond and enjoy each other’s company.  It could turn out to be a fun activity after all.

But those are actually the “rewards” you get. So, why re-paint and not leave things as it is? Here are some of the reasons:

  • Your home is a reflection of yourself. Don’t you agree? A well-kept home says a lot about the people/ person living in it. And a fresh, clean look can be achieved through the paint colors you choose.
  • It adds value to your property. So if you plan on selling or having it rented, do this quickly. Especially, if it is a vacation property. You don’t want to miss this chance to earn, right? Besides, it is the most economical way to give your humble abode a new and inviting look.
  • Protect yourself, your family, and your property. Paints are not only used for aesthetic appeal. It also serves as a line of protection for your surfaces. Start checking your roof for any repairs. Then, apply a good roofing paint or perhaps try those heat reflective coatings. That way, you are not only preparing for the rainy days but be ready for the summer heat coming your way.
  • Because health is wealth. And yes, we sometimes overlook our surroundings that greatly affect our well-being. When you re-paint, you also take-away the bacteria on your walls where dust particles reside. The good news is, there are anti-bacterial and low-odor paints now available to help you achieve a healthier lifestyle for you and your family.

You see, re-painting doesn’t always have to be equated with “expenses” after all. There are wonderful benefits and enjoyable reasons why it should be done. So why not start now?

How to give your home a “fresh look”—the easy way!


bored woman

Are you getting tired of the paint color in your house that’s been there for as long as you can remember? Or maybe, while enjoying your once in a blue moon long-weekend, you noticed how mismatched the color of your paint is with your furniture? Perhaps, you are just simply bored with the one you have on your walls right now.

At a glance, to most of us, re-painting jobs can be a tedious and expensive task that we ended up just disregarding any plans of doing it. But really, this should not be the case. Because unlike before, materials involved in this kind of project are more readily available now and the option to just DIY is no longer far-fetched.

Below are helpful tips that would take away any second thoughts you may have in pushing through with your re-painting project:

  1. In general, use of Primer is no longer needed. However, you might want to consider applying one especially if you’re going from dark to a light colored paint. This will turn out to be very cost –efficient for you. Primers also provide better adhesion of the paint to the surface.
  2. Clean your surface thoroughly. Time and again, we remind people about the importance of good preparation. More so, for pre-painted walls. Washing and sanding your surface, you’ll find out, is worth your while. This will also steer you away from any great problems in the future.
  3. Take time in canvassing the things you need such as fillers for holes and cracks, and of course, the top coat that you will need. The outcome and savings will surely satisfy you.
  4. Remember that topcoats usually require 2 coatings. This will ensure good hiding for you. Plus, it brings out the true color of the paint you have chosen.
  5. Don’t be in a hurry. A couple of days more allotted for planning and budgeting will not hurt you. In fact, it will save you! List down everything that you will need and buy them one at a time, as your budget permits. These items, as long as stored properly, do not expire immediately anyway.

Now, you’re all set! It only takes a lot of practice and you’ll soon be a pro in painting  🙂

5 Things to ask before buying that Interior Paint


bedroom 1

Just like any other project, choosing the perfect paint for your room can be considered an important task. Why not, when it is going to be your sacred sanctuary—your personal haven and retreat after a hard day’s work? Sometimes, we tend to get very excited that we rush into things, leading to wrong decisions.

To ensure you will not regret your choices and turn your project into money well-spent, here are questions you should ask yourself before making a run to that hardware store:

  1. What type of surface will be painted?

Is it wood, metal, or concrete? Different surfaces require different types of paint. It is best to know which one to use to ensure that it will last longer and provides good adhesion. New or fresh surfaces also require a system coating. Ask help from your painter or sales attendant which ones are needed.

  1. Am I sensitive to paint smell?

If you are, look for water-based paints or those with low VOC (volatile organic compound). VOCs are the smell that emits from the paint as it dries. Water-based are easily to clean and often environment-friendly. You would benefit more from this type of paint for your interior room.

  1. Is there a certain theme, ambiance, or personality I would like my room to have?

This would be your basis when picking the color combination for your paint. As they say, colors stimulate certain emotions. I suggest you do your research on-line first so you can picture how colors go side by side. Apart from the fixtures, paint color has a lot to do in achieving the total look that you want.

  1. Would I like to make my space look bigger or smaller than it actually is?

Light colors make the room larger. That is why it is often used in living room and dining areas. Meantime, darker or cooler shades are perfect in bedrooms because they provide the cozy, intimate surrounding that you need.

  1. Is it going to be a “busy” room where a lot of activity will take place?

For the children’s play room, or in areas where you often receive guests, glossy paints are recommended simply because it is easier to clean and more resistant to stains. Further, the sheen allows the light to bounce within the room, making it bright and livelier.


These are 5 quick and simple questions that will go a long way in term of savings and headache. The amount of time you will spend in answering them is minimal compared to the hassles you are bound to face if you don’t keep them in mind. With your checklist in hand, now you have every reason to be excited about your painting project.

The “Brigada Eskwela” Experience

The “Brigada Eskwela” Experience

Laguna, Philippines.

Today is officially the start of classes in most public schools in the country. That also meant at least an hour extra early for most of us to wake up and begin our day. Children had to be taken care of and brought to school on time. Not to mention the rushing about to avoid the expected heavy traffic that was not around for a couple of months in busy areas during the weekdays.

As I pass by one of the elementary schools on my way to work, I caught myself smiling as I see their cleaned up surrounding and newly painted building. The children coming in may not be mindful of it, but I’m quite sure they will enjoy their school’s surroundings for at least a couple of weeks ahead. Some of them may not know that it is the product of their parent’s effort, together with the private sector and other concerned citizens, to make their school more conducive for learning.

Every year, the Department of Education organizes the Brigada Eskwela a few weeks before school opening. This project aims to seek the help of people, organizations, and institutions in “re-building” the look of the public schools in their community. And every year, Builder’s Choice Paints participates by donating paints to the National High School near our manufacturing plant. For the second time, some of our employees even helped do the painting. The paints brought life to their main gate and walls.

Looking now at the school, with all the children rushing in, it felt good to know that we were part of the Brigada. As they say, there is no “little” in the phrase “good deed”, because every good that you do could leave the grandest impression in someone else’s life.



Why sometimes it is easier said than done

Why sometimes it is easier said than done

Have you ever been excited about a particular project, but when it is time to begin, you suddenly don’t know when and how to start? I’m sure you have. And I’m quite sure as well that at some point, you even thought of scratching it out at the middle of everything.

More often than not, this is the scenario when you do some re-painting works, particularly in your own home. Just after you have excitedly selected the new colors you want, you will be faced with other things such as cleaning materials, replacement of this and that, labor, additional materials, additional repairs, etc. Then you realize that you got your hands full. That is why it is important to plan ahead.

Planning ahead gives you an idea of how big or easy your project is going to be. You get to compute and budget all the things you will need.You also have the luxury of getting tips and advice from other people that will make things easier for you. If you are lucky, you might even stumble upon some great deals from various stores now that you have the time to do your research. Overall, you get to save a lot of money and time if enough preparation is given to your project. But you know what’s the most important thing you get out of planning ahead? You get exactly what you want and how you want it.

So the next time you thought of a project, take your sweet precious time in planning. You will be surprise how less stressful it is going to be. Remember, it is YOUR HOME 🙂


El Nino: What can we do?


Leonardo DiCaprio was not being overly dramatic when he mentioned “2015 as the hottest year in recorded history” as he accepts his Oscar earlier this month.

Here in the Philippines, we often associate dry spell/ drought to El Niño, which is in fact one of its adverse effects. Do you still remember the first time you ever heard of “El Niño”? I can’t either. But I do remember that I began hearing them often when 21st Century set in. And it seems to intensify each year, going beyond summer time. I mean, now we experience El Niño even during what used to be rainy season here in the Philippines.  And according to the Philippine Atmospheric, Geophysical and Astronomical Services Administration (PAG-ASA), this is set to last until the first half of 2016. So what can we do about it?

Let’s take it seriously. Really seriously. But as we work together towards helping the environment, we might as well be prepared for things that could happen during this very, very hot summer season:

  1. Save water! This is the most precious thing during this time.
  2. Keep calm. Hot temper does not mix well with hot weather.
  3. Stay cool. Look for ways to ensure your body stays in good health and properly protected.

Now, #3 may not be as easy as it seems. For some, the best way would be taking a plunge to the beach or going to the mall. But hey, that could be costly and perhaps just a temporary solution. Same with pro-longed use of those air-con units. How then? Hmmm… thanks to innovative minds and technology, we can now enjoy the comforts of our home and offices, minus the worry of high expenses.

Have you heard of Heat Reflective Paints? Well, this could be the answer we are looking for.  This type of paint is already being used in other countries such as Thailand, Australia, US, among others. It is a paint coating that reduces the amount of heat that goes into the building/home. Instead of absorbing the heat, it bounces back into the atmosphere. This is really ideal for tropical countries like ours and one way to beat the Super El Niño. And as the product claims, you get reduced energy costs and help the environment as the same time.

So don’t wait for the next El Niño to strike in. Do what you have to do NOW. Because like what Leo said, “Let us not take this planet for granted.”