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How to give your home a “fresh look”—the easy way!


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Are you getting tired of the paint color in your house that’s been there for as long as you can remember? Or maybe, while enjoying your once in a blue moon long-weekend, you noticed how mismatched the color of your paint is with your furniture? Perhaps, you are just simply bored with the one you have on your walls right now.

At a glance, to most of us, re-painting jobs can be a tedious and expensive task that we ended up just disregarding any plans of doing it. But really, this should not be the case. Because unlike before, materials involved in this kind of project are more readily available now and the option to just DIY is no longer far-fetched.

Below are helpful tips that would take away any second thoughts you may have in pushing through with your re-painting project:

  1. In general, use of Primer is no longer needed. However, you might want to consider applying one especially if you’re going from dark to a light colored paint. This will turn out to be very cost –efficient for you. Primers also provide better adhesion of the paint to the surface.
  2. Clean your surface thoroughly. Time and again, we remind people about the importance of good preparation. More so, for pre-painted walls. Washing and sanding your surface, you’ll find out, is worth your while. This will also steer you away from any great problems in the future.
  3. Take time in canvassing the things you need such as fillers for holes and cracks, and of course, the top coat that you will need. The outcome and savings will surely satisfy you.
  4. Remember that topcoats usually require 2 coatings. This will ensure good hiding for you. Plus, it brings out the true color of the paint you have chosen.
  5. Don’t be in a hurry. A couple of days more allotted for planning and budgeting will not hurt you. In fact, it will save you! List down everything that you will need and buy them one at a time, as your budget permits. These items, as long as stored properly, do not expire immediately anyway.

Now, you’re all set! It only takes a lot of practice and you’ll soon be a pro in painting  🙂


5 Things to ask before buying that Interior Paint


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Just like any other project, choosing the perfect paint for your room can be considered an important task. Why not, when it is going to be your sacred sanctuary—your personal haven and retreat after a hard day’s work? Sometimes, we tend to get very excited that we rush into things, leading to wrong decisions.

To ensure you will not regret your choices and turn your project into money well-spent, here are questions you should ask yourself before making a run to that hardware store:

  1. What type of surface will be painted?

Is it wood, metal, or concrete? Different surfaces require different types of paint. It is best to know which one to use to ensure that it will last longer and provides good adhesion. New or fresh surfaces also require a system coating. Ask help from your painter or sales attendant which ones are needed.

  1. Am I sensitive to paint smell?

If you are, look for water-based paints or those with low VOC (volatile organic compound). VOCs are the smell that emits from the paint as it dries. Water-based are easily to clean and often environment-friendly. You would benefit more from this type of paint for your interior room.

  1. Is there a certain theme, ambiance, or personality I would like my room to have?

This would be your basis when picking the color combination for your paint. As they say, colors stimulate certain emotions. I suggest you do your research on-line first so you can picture how colors go side by side. Apart from the fixtures, paint color has a lot to do in achieving the total look that you want.

  1. Would I like to make my space look bigger or smaller than it actually is?

Light colors make the room larger. That is why it is often used in living room and dining areas. Meantime, darker or cooler shades are perfect in bedrooms because they provide the cozy, intimate surrounding that you need.

  1. Is it going to be a “busy” room where a lot of activity will take place?

For the children’s play room, or in areas where you often receive guests, glossy paints are recommended simply because it is easier to clean and more resistant to stains. Further, the sheen allows the light to bounce within the room, making it bright and livelier.


These are 5 quick and simple questions that will go a long way in term of savings and headache. The amount of time you will spend in answering them is minimal compared to the hassles you are bound to face if you don’t keep them in mind. With your checklist in hand, now you have every reason to be excited about your painting project.