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The “Brigada Eskwela” Experience

The “Brigada Eskwela” Experience

Laguna, Philippines.

Today is officially the start of classes in most public schools in the country. That also meant at least an hour extra early for most of us to wake up and begin our day. Children had to be taken care of and brought to school on time. Not to mention the rushing about to avoid the expected heavy traffic that was not around for a couple of months in busy areas during the weekdays.

As I pass by one of the elementary schools on my way to work, I caught myself smiling as I see their cleaned up surrounding and newly painted building. The children coming in may not be mindful of it, but I’m quite sure they will enjoy their school’s surroundings for at least a couple of weeks ahead. Some of them may not know that it is the product of their parent’s effort, together with the private sector and other concerned citizens, to make their school more conducive for learning.

Every year, the Department of Education organizes the Brigada Eskwela a few weeks before school opening. This project aims to seek the help of people, organizations, and institutions in “re-building” the look of the public schools in their community. And every year, Builder’s Choice Paints participates by donating paints to the National High School near our manufacturing plant. For the second time, some of our employees even helped do the painting. The paints brought life to their main gate and walls.

Looking now at the school, with all the children rushing in, it felt good to know that we were part of the Brigada. As they say, there is no “little” in the phrase “good deed”, because every good that you do could leave the grandest impression in someone else’s life.




El Nino: What can we do?


Leonardo DiCaprio was not being overly dramatic when he mentioned “2015 as the hottest year in recorded history” as he accepts his Oscar earlier this month.

Here in the Philippines, we often associate dry spell/ drought to El Niño, which is in fact one of its adverse effects. Do you still remember the first time you ever heard of “El Niño”? I can’t either. But I do remember that I began hearing them often when 21st Century set in. And it seems to intensify each year, going beyond summer time. I mean, now we experience El Niño even during what used to be rainy season here in the Philippines.  And according to the Philippine Atmospheric, Geophysical and Astronomical Services Administration (PAG-ASA), this is set to last until the first half of 2016. So what can we do about it?

Let’s take it seriously. Really seriously. But as we work together towards helping the environment, we might as well be prepared for things that could happen during this very, very hot summer season:

  1. Save water! This is the most precious thing during this time.
  2. Keep calm. Hot temper does not mix well with hot weather.
  3. Stay cool. Look for ways to ensure your body stays in good health and properly protected.

Now, #3 may not be as easy as it seems. For some, the best way would be taking a plunge to the beach or going to the mall. But hey, that could be costly and perhaps just a temporary solution. Same with pro-longed use of those air-con units. How then? Hmmm… thanks to innovative minds and technology, we can now enjoy the comforts of our home and offices, minus the worry of high expenses.

Have you heard of Heat Reflective Paints? Well, this could be the answer we are looking for.  This type of paint is already being used in other countries such as Thailand, Australia, US, among others. It is a paint coating that reduces the amount of heat that goes into the building/home. Instead of absorbing the heat, it bounces back into the atmosphere. This is really ideal for tropical countries like ours and one way to beat the Super El Niño. And as the product claims, you get reduced energy costs and help the environment as the same time.

So don’t wait for the next El Niño to strike in. Do what you have to do NOW. Because like what Leo said, “Let us not take this planet for granted.”